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In today’s reading, Wisdom invites us to reflect on the folly of those who, captivated by the beauty of creation, have come to worship creatures instead of the Creator. It reminds us that the greatness and beauty of created things are only a reflection of the greatness and beauty of God Himself, who is the author of all creation.

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It is a call to recognize the divine footprint in every corner of the universe, to contemplate in the diversity and perfection of nature the manifestation of the power and creativity of the Lord. Those who marvel at the grandeur of the cosmos and the harmony of its elements should lift their gaze beyond creatures to find the Creator who made them with love.

The reading also warns us against the folly of those who, despite living among God’s works, have not come to recognize the Creator. Although their search and desire to find God are evident, the reading invites us to reflect on how, by observing and understanding the wonders of creation, we can come to a deeper knowledge of the One who sustains it.

In the psalm, we resonate with the proclamation of God’s glory in the heavens and the work of His hands manifested in nature. Each day and night communicate the divine message, reminding us of the omnipresence and power of the Lord that encompasses the whole earth.

In the Gospel, Jesus alerts us to the importance of being prepared for His coming. The comparison with the times of Noah and Lot emphasizes the need to remain vigilant and faithful, even amidst daily occupations. The call to not cling to material things and to not seek to preserve one’s life at all costs challenges us to prioritize the eternal over the temporal.

Jesus’s response to his disciples’ question, “Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather,” leads us to reflect on the inevitability of death and the need to prepare ourselves spiritually to meet the Lord.

In summary, today’s readings urge us to recognize the divine presence in creation, to be attentive to the coming of the Lord, and to live in a way that reflects the priority of the spiritual over the material in our lives. May this reflection inspire us to seek God in all things and to prepare ourselves with vigilant and faith-filled hearts.

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