Get Ready for Mass: A Fun-Filled Activity Book for Catholic Children

Get Ready for Mass: A Fun-Filled Activity Book for Catholic Children is a resource for children ages 8-10 who are learning about the Catholic faith and preparing for Mass.

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Get Ready for Mass

The Get Ready for Mass: Activity Book for Catholic Children is an important tool for introducing children to the Catholic faith and helping them grow in their understanding of the Mass. The activity book features a variety of engaging puzzles and activities that not only teach children about the different parts of the Mass, but also help them develop good behavior and reverence during Mass.

The book includes a variety of activities that are both fun and educational, including a bedtime story, coloring pages, word-search, mazes, and an explanation of the ceremony of Mass.

The bedtime story, “From Reluctant to Reverent: Timmy’s Story,” is a heartwarming tale about a young boy who is reluctant to attend Mass, but learns to appreciate its importance over time. The story is designed to help children understand the significance of the Mass and inspire them to participate more fully.

The coloring pages and mazes are fun and engaging activities that help children learn about the different elements of the Mass, such as the altar, the priest, and the sacraments. These activities encourage children to use their creativity and imagination while also learning important lessons about their faith.

The word search is a challenging puzzle that helps children practice their spelling and vocabulary skills while also learning key terms related to the Mass. This activity is a fun way to reinforce the lessons learned in the book.

By completing the activities in this book, children can learn about the importance of attending Mass, deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith, and grow in their relationship with God. This book is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and religious educators looking to introduce children to the Catholic faith in a fun and interactive way, and to help children develop a love for the Mass and the Catholic Church.

In addition to the activities and puzzles, the Get Ready for Mass: Activity Book for Catholic Children also contains a special bedtime story about a boy named Timmy. Timmy starts out feeling reluctant and uninterested in going to Church and participating in the Mass. However, as he learns more about the importance of the Mass and the love that Jesus has for him, Timmy’s attitude begins to change.

Children can relate to Timmy’s journey and learn from his experience as they grow in their own faith and understanding of the Mass. The story helps children see the Mass not as a chore, but as an opportunity to meet Jesus and experience the joy and beauty of the Mass.

Through this bedtime story and the other activities in the book, children can learn to develop a deeper appreciation for the Mass and grow in their love for the Catholic faith.

50 pages
8.25 x 8.25

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