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In the extensive history of the Catholic Church, we can find a magnificent testament to divine action through the saints who have emerged within its fold. These saints, men and women who have embraced the teachings of Christ with devotion and passion, have been true examples of virtue and charity. Their lives are like beacons that illuminate the path to a deeper understanding of faith and love for God and neighbor.

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Saints have arisen in different eras and cultures, demonstrating that the Catholic Church is a universal community that transcends borders and human limitations. From the first martyrs who gave their lives for the cause of Christ to modern saints who have tirelessly worked for the needy, each of them represents a gem in the Church’s crown.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

Imagine the Church as a lush and vigorous tree, rooted in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. The faithful who live their faith with devotion and commitment are like ripe and healthy fruits that grow on this tree, nourished by divine grace and the love of God.

However, just as in any tree, there are also fruits that fall before fully ripening. These fallen fruits represent those Catholics who, for various reasons, have chosen to deviate from the teachings and values of the Church. They might be individuals who succumb to vices like drunkenness and immorality. They could be those who yield to the temptation of adultery or have neglected their commitment to the faith by irregular attendance at Mass and participation in the sacraments.

These fallen fruits are no longer connected to the tree that provided them with spiritual life and nourishment. They have lost the vitality and grace that emanated from the Church, like a fruit that no longer receives the tree’s sap and withers on the ground. Nevertheless, even these fallen fruits have the opportunity to be collected and restored to their place on the tree. God’s mercy is always available for those who seek forgiveness and change.

Judging the entire Church based on the actions of some of its members would be unfair. It is true that throughout history, there have been dark moments and scandals involving members of the Church, but these incidents should not overshadow the spiritual richness and positive fruits that the Church has produced.

It is important to remember that the Catholic Church is a community of sinners striving for holiness. The fallen fruits remind us of human frailty and the constant need for God’s grace to remain rooted in faith. Instead of condemning Catholics struggling with their weaknesses, we should pray for them and help them find the path back to the tree of faith, where they can be restored and revitalized by God’s grace.

Let us not forget that the Church is a spiritual hospital that welcomes everyone, including those who have stumbled along the way. The Church’s mission is to aid in healing and restoring these fallen fruits so that they can once again flourish and bear abundant fruit. When considering the analogy of fallen fruits in the context of Catholics not fully living their faith, we recognize the importance of compassion, patience, and prayer in responding to those who have lost their spiritual way.

I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Matthew 9:13

The Catholic faith is an invitation to conversion and constant spiritual growth. Saints are models of this unceasing pursuit of holiness, and their lives demonstrate that it is possible to live according to Gospel values even amidst life’s difficulties and temptations. Each one of us, as Catholics, is called to reflect on our own lives and aspire to holiness, following the example of the saints.

The fruits of the Catholic Church are embodied in the saints, who remind us that despite human imperfections, God’s grace is capable of transforming hearts and lives. Saints invite us to look beyond individual faults and to focus on the beauty and truth of the message of Christ that the Church safeguards and proclaims.

Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16

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