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The virtue of humility is a precious treasure that all Catholics must seek and cultivate in our daily lives. In a world filled with selfishness and vanity, humility becomes a beacon of light that guides us towards true greatness.

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When it comes to doing apologetics on social media, it is essential to remember the real purpose of our work: to seek truth and defend the Catholic faith. We must not fall into the trap of pride and arrogance, which taint our intentions and distort our mission.

Authentic apologetics is not about seeking popularity, fame, or accumulating “likes” on social media. No, that is not what matters. Our focus should be on truth and service to others. We must be instruments in the hands of God, aware of our limitations and acknowledging that we do not possess all the answers.

It is easy to be carried away by the desire to be recognized and praised for our biblical or historical knowledge. But humility reminds us that we are not the main protagonists, but servants of God called to share the truth with love and charity. We must promote the glory of God and put our gifts at the service of His kingdom.

Prayer plays a fundamental role in cultivating humility. Reciting the Litany of Humility helps us to order our intentions and stay focused on the true purpose of apologetics. It helps us recognize our natural tendency towards selfishness and frees us from selfish desires to be loved, praised, and recognized.

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Jesus Christ and Mary are perfect models of humility to follow. Jesus demonstrated a just and necessary firmness in defending the faith, but He always did so with humility, love, and respect for others. Following His example, we can learn to defend the faith without falling into arrogance.

Mary, on the other hand, shows us how to accept God’s will with humility and serve others with love and generosity. Her example inspires us to trust in the divine will and to be faithful witnesses of the faith.

Cultivating humility in our daily lives requires constant effort and an inner disposition. We must recognize our dependence on God, reflect on our weaknesses and limitations, and practice selfless service to others. Humility is a virtue that is constantly growing, and we must be open to the transformation that God’s grace works in us.

On this path of humility, let us always remember that authentic apologetics does not seek personal recognition or fame, but seeks truth and the defense of the Catholic faith. Our goal should be service to others and the glory of God. With humility and love, we can bring the light of faith to those who are seeking answers and hope.

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