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Today, we are going to respond to this meme that attempts to replace God with science. On dollar bills, we read the phrase “in God we trust.” In the face of such a declaration, certain atheist circles have crossed out God on the bills and replaced Him with science.

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It is important to note that the motto “in God we trust” has a long history in the United States and was officially adopted as the national motto in 1956. This motto reflects the belief and faith in a Supreme Being, in the religious tradition of many American citizens.

The argument “in science we trust” is based on the idea that science has proven to be a valuable tool for understanding the world and solving practical problems. It is argued that trusting in science and evidence-based knowledge is more reasonable than putting faith in religious or divine entities.

The motto “in God we trust” is not a denial of science or its achievements but rather an affirmation of faith in the divine. For Catholics, science and religion are not in conflict, as both seek to understand different aspects of the world and human existence. Science can answer questions about how the physical world works, while religion addresses questions about purpose, meaning, and moral values.

As a Catholic, I will not deny the importance and achievements of science. Science has provided remarkable advancements in various fields and has contributed to human progress. However, in the atheist zeal to dissociate from anything related to God, they inadvertently elevate science to a divine status, as humans are inherently religious beings.

To deify science is to attribute to it a divine or superhuman status, granting it absolute authority and power to explain and solve all aspects of reality. It is to consider science as the only reliable source of knowledge and the sole valid guide for making decisions in all aspects of life.

By deifying science, it is ascribing characteristics and properties beyond its reach and elevating it to a level that goes beyond its nature as a systematic method of inquiry based on empirical evidence. It is essential to recognize that while science is a valuable tool for knowledge and progress, it also has its limitations and cannot encompass all dimensions of the human experience.

For us believers, faith in God provides a moral and ethical foundation for our actions and decisions. Belief in a Supreme Being gives us meaning and purpose in life and offers comfort in difficult times.

Science and faith are complementary approaches to understanding the world and human existence. Each has its place and value in society, and both can coexist harmoniously.

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