Catalog of our Devotionals

Following in His Footsteps: A Devotional Journal of the Stations of the Cross

Mass Journey: A Catholic Mass Journal for Prayer, Reflection, and Attendance Tracking

Faith Fuel: Reflections from Mass: Daily prompts to apply the teachings of the liturgy in your daily life, for teens and the young at heart

Learning from Mary: A Catholic Woman’s Journal on Faith, Humility, Love, Obedience, Perseverance, and Compassion

Living in His Light: A Journal-Based Devotional for Catholic Women


Devotionals are a type of religious text or practice that is designed to foster a deeper connection with God and to inspire a greater level of devotion to the Catholic faith. They can take many different forms, including prayer books, meditations, reflections, and more. 

Devotionals are important in the Catholic faith because they provide a structured way for individuals to deepen their spiritual lives and connect with God on a more personal level. They offer a way to cultivate a sense of reverence and awe for the divine, and to draw inspiration from the lives of the saints and other holy figures in the Catholic tradition.

Our devotionals are designed to deepen your relationship with God and help you grow in your faith. Each devotional includes daily reflections, prayers, and scripture readings that will inspire and encourage you on your journey toward the truth of the Gospel.